Launched April , 2010:  It's our turn to shout

The aim is to encourage and support the wider public to become engaged with the issues and send a clear message to our politicians that it's time for better laws around alcohol.

Action on Liquor
Alcohol Healthwatch has identified five areas in New Zealand's liquor legislation that require strengthening - these form the basis of the Action on Liquor Legislation campaign. They are: alcohol advertising, the legal blood alcohol level, alcohol health and safety advisory statements, Sale of Liquor Act amendments, and changes to the excise tax system.

Last Drink Survey

Last Drink Survey
Alcohol Healthwatch no longer carries out the the Last Drink Survey in the wider Auckland Region. The last report undertaken by Alcohol Healthwatch was to December 2003.
Why was the Last Drink Survey carried out?
Available data points strongly to licensed premises being major contributors to alcohol-related harm. The Last Drink Surveys focused on reduction of such harm.
How does it work?
The survey identified and analysed police information arising from alleged alcohol-related offences. Licensed premises are encouraged to practice safe and legal service of alcohol, and are monitored for improvement.
Goals were:
-To encourage licensed premises to promote safe and healthy drinking practices (Host Responsibility).
-To improve Host Responsibility practices in licensed premises by offering advice and information.
-To assist enforcement of the provisions of the Sale of Liquor Act (1989) Amendment in licenced premises.
Last Drink Survey - AHW Model: An Overview
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