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Apr 2013: Booklet: The Last Chance for a generation Alcohol law reform in NZ 2012  

 2010: Alcohol in our Lives: Curbing the Harm


Alcohol Reform

The Alcohol Reform Bill passed its third and final reading in Parliament on 11th December 2012. The Act, known as the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, received Royal Assent on Tuesday 18th December 2012, concluding a four-year debate.

The Committee of the whole House divided the Alcohol Reform Bill into 3 Bills with new titles:

-Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
-Local Government (Alcohol Reform) Amendment Act 2012
-Summary Offences (Alcohol Reform) Amendment Act 2012

The majority of the sections included in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 had a  6-12 month time lag between the date of Royal Assent and commencement, therefore substantial changes would not come into effect until 2014.

Click here to see the schedule of the commencement of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.  

Alcohol Reform Bill Nov 2010 (PDF-4MB)         Alcohol Reform Bill Digest(PDF-80KB)

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Feb 17, 2011: Submission - Alcohol Reform Bill 

2015: Submission Template: Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Extended licensing hours during Rugby World Cup) Bill  

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Oct 2009 - Submission to the Law Commission Review & Response to the Issues paper - Alcohol In Our Lives 
Oct 30, 2009: Submission to Law Commission "Alcohol In Our Lives", By FANNZ

Submission Toolkit - Sale & Supply of Liquor and Enforcement Bill (pdf)
This toolkit includes a summary and commentary on the Bill.  Written submissions were due  Thursday 23 April 2009 to Parliament's Justice and Electoral Select Committee.

Briefing Paper:

2004-The Sale of Liquor in New Zealand: Recommended Changes to the Act (PDF)

Fact Sheet:

2009- Information Sheet: Sale and Supply of Liquor 
Community Objections


23 May 2013: Regional Alcohol Forum Document: Key Aspects of the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Alcohol Healthwatch 

Publication - 2010 Health & Lifesytles Survey: Alcohol Related Attitudes; Health Sponsorship Council 2011 (PDF)