Advertising Complaints

The Advertising Codes of Practice are guidelines by which advertisers (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, community newspapers and cinema) and advertising agencies voluntarily abide. The purpose of the code is to ensure that advertisements maintain appropriate standards of honesty and social responsibility; the code is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The section of the code that deals with liquor advertising states that it is "designed to ensure that liquor advertising will be conducted in a manner which neither conflicts with nor detracts from the need for responsibility and moderation in liquor merchandising and consumption, and which does not encourage consumption by minors."

A full copy of the code is available from 

If you feel that an advertisement, in any form of media, has breached a code you can make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. The complaints process is simple and is outlined on the website or you can use the online compliant form by following this link

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The Broadcasting Standards Authority handles complaints relating to television or radio programmes. The Broadcasting Codes and Standards can be found on the following website along with an online complaints form , the complaint form is available in 10 different languages.