Contacting Your Legislators



Members of Parliament (MPs) are our representatives in government and make decisions that affect all of us. They cannot represent our views if they never hear them so if there is an issue you would like to express your view on, or a question you would like to ask an MP, write them a letter or email.

You can write to any MP, however if you want to discuss a local issue you might want to start with the elected MP for your area. Similarly, if you want to discuss a specific issue like health or technology you may want to write to the Minister who holds that portfolio.

The New Zealand Parliament website has a list of MPs, their electorates and portfolios, as well as their contact details.

You do not have to pay for postage when sending a letter to Parliament.


Councillors elected to your local council are available to listen to residents' concerns. Find out more about what your local council does and how to contact councillors by visiting or