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Local Alcohol Policies


 19 Jul 2017 - Auckland PLAP Decision 

15 Dec 2016:  A Review of Territorial Authority Progress Towards Local Alcohol Policy Development  (pdf) 

Nov 2014:  ARLA decision 7/11/14  Hospitality  NZ Inc. vs Tasman District Council

 Sept 2014: Snapshot Alcohol-Related Harm 2013 Ak vs NZ      Snapshot Alcohol-Related Harm 2013 -Methology 



2015:  Submission Template: Submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee on The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Extended licensing hours during Rugby World Cup) Bill   

Feb 2013: Submission on the Auckland Council draft Annual Plan 2013/14 

Jul 2012:
Submission to the Local Government and Environment Committee on  Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill   
Mar 2012:
Submission - Ak Council Long Term Plan

Mar 2010:  
Manukau City Council Liquor Control (Liquor bans in Public Places ) 
Feb 2010: 
Local Govt (Auckland Law Reform) Bill 
Sep 2002:  
Submission on "Reducing Alcohol-Related Problems in Manukau (Draft)" to Manukau City Council (PDF)
Dec 2001:  
Submission on the Impacts of Lowering the Minimum Legal Drinking Age 
Aug 2001:  
The Local Government Act Review