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New Alcohol and Pregnancy Resource for Health Professionals

Alcohol Healthwatch in association with the University of Otago Wellington, is pleased to announce the arrival of the Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit, an online resource to assist the many New Zealand healthcare professionals who say they don't feel adequately trained to discuss alcohol use with their pregnant patients. For further information view the Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit media release (pdf).

On-line Resource:

Interested in knowing more about the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy?
Making Responsible Decisions about Drinking During Pregnancy is a great way to learn.
Choose whether to get Just the Facts, Play a Game, or Follow a Story.

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Feb 2012: Alcohol and Pregnancy Resource for Health Professionals  www.akoaotearoa.ac.nz/projects/pact


Jun 2012: Clinical & research commentary on recent Danish alcohol in early pregnancy research

Babies & Booze: Youth Social Media Launch (Video Clips)

Alcohol Healthwatch, Well Women and Family Trust  and  The Rotary Club of Parnell  launches the  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Youth Social Media Campaign.  The You-Tube campaign videos can be viewed on www.youtube.com/user/FASDNetworkNZ or by clicking the images below   

Picture 1 Babies + Booze: When You Drink, Your Baby Drinks (1)

Picture 2  Babies + Booze: Personal Stories (2)

Picture 3  Babies + Booze: Support Your Mates When They're Not Drinking(3)

Picture 4  Babies + Booze: Simon Rowley - Paediatrician (4)   

Picture 5  Babies + Booze: A Shout Out(5 )    

 Picture 6 Babies + Booze: Jackie  (6)  

Picture 7   Babies + Booze: Shona  (7)

Other information:

Hey Teacher 2016

Call to Action from Australian & NZ Parents "Our Common Voice" Nov 2013 

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Fetal Alcohol Network NZ  
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International FASD Awareness Day September 9th 2016

A story for FASD Awareness Day 2016



On 9/9 a story from one of our storytellers was shared.  Yasmine, a 19 year old from West Auckland talks about being involved in the binge drinking culture and how finding out she was pregnant she knew she had to stop drinking. Jump on the BUZZED facebook Page to in give us a like and check out our videos     





In 2015 Janet and friends from the Bay of Plenty region got together to produce an advert designed to make people think about the importance of not drinking during pregnancy.  This aired in many New Zealand centres and you can now view the Advert on Youtube



Janet wishes to remind viewers -  No babies were harmed in the making of this ad!! 

 Napier Mum speaks out about raising a child with FASD



 Community action in Aotearoa summarised for FASD Awareness Day



Northland DHB have kindly shared a Special Edition of their Alcohol and Other Drugs Update to mark FASD Awareness Day 2016.  Click here for a copy