Alcohol Healthwatch grew from health promotion action in Auckland in the late 1980’s.  Amid growing concerns about the harm alcohol was causing in communities in Auckland and the move towards a more liberal approach to alcohol control, health promoters recognised the need for a co-ordinated public health response.

The Auckland Council on Alcohol and Drugs was formed.  This group then transformed into Alcohol Healthwatch, adopting a public health response and a singular focus on alcohol.  We were registered as a charity in 1994.  The organisation is governed by its Board of Trustees.

Since then we have worked tirelessly to promote evidence-based policies and support best-practice interventions, raise awareness and support communities and organisations to reduce alcohol-related harm.

We have developed and maintained a long term relationship with the Ministry of Health who fund us to deliver a range of health promotion services.  We have also attracted other funding to undertake projects and initiatives to complement our Ministry of Health funded activity.

We are extremely proud of our achievements especially when considering the size of our team, and the challenges we have faced. 

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