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Briefing Papers:

2004 - Alcohol Excise Tax: Changes to the New Zealand System (PDF)


2021 -  Cheap drinks: An exploratory audit of alcohol prices at off -licences across Tāmaki Makaurau/ Auckland.July 2021


2020 - A Road Map for Alcohol Pricing Policies: Creating a fairer and healthier Aotearoa New Zealand March 2020

Fact Sheets:

2021 - Alcohol Taxes and Levies 

2021 - Minimum Unit Pricing

Presentation Videos: 


This talk was presented at the AUT South Campus, Manukau & Auckland University, Tāmaki Innovation Campus on the 2 October 2017.

Alcohol tax increases save lives, but they rarely happen for public health purposes. This presentation will describe one model for global action: the six steps a public health coalition used to enact a substantial alcohol tax increase and dedicate revenues to public health purposes in the US state of Maryland over the strenuous opposition of the powerful alcohol lobby. The six steps are: crafting an evidence based policy; using polling to test public opinion; building a powerful coalition; using the media effectively; making our alcohol tax increase an election issue; and, finally, getting our legislation enacted. 

Presentation Video Part 1

Presentation Video Part 2



18 Jan 2018 - Submission to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on the Budget Policy Statement 2018


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