It is important to learn about the alcohol industry as they have a large influence on national and local alcohol decisions in New Zealand.  In New Zealand, the production and sale of alcohol is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Evidence-based information and action tool

   For all the up-to-date information on the alcohol industry, please visit our action tool ActionPoint.

No & Low Alcohol Products

19 Jun 2024 - Factsheet: No and Low Alcohol Products

Alcohol industry and COVID-19

29 Apr 2020 - Article by Dr Nicki Jackson for Drink Tank (FARE) about the alcohol industry and misinformation during COVID-19   Keep calm and carry on drinking: alcohol industry’s message during COVID-19

Divestment From Alcohol Companies

30 Oct 2019 - Factsheet: Divesting from Alcohol Companies 
18 Sept 2019 - Submission to the Review of KiwiSaver Default Provider Arrangements

The Alcohol Industry and Health Education

Nicki Jackson
22 May 2020 - By Nicki Jackson & Rachael Dion
NZ Medical Journal Viewpoint: The Practice of the Alcohol Industry as Health Educator: A Critique 


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