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Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship Report Released

The report from the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship was released on Wednesday 17th December 2014. The Forum has made 14 recommendations focussed on restricting the exposure of minors to alcohol advertising and sponsorship.  To read the recommendations in full click here.

You can view the Minister’s media release here: http://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/alcohol-forum-report-released 

You can view the Forum’s full report here: http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/ministerial-forum-alcohol-advertising 

You can view Alcohol Healthwatch’s media release here: : Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship Forum commended for common sense   

You can view Alcohol Action NZ media releases here: Government appears deeply ambivalent about alcohol marketing recommendations 
Ministerial alcohol forum recommendations: a big step in the right direction  

The government has signalled that there is more consultation to come and there will be no changes to the current systems before June 2015.

New Zealandís Alcohol Laws have changed

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 was passed on the 18th December 2012. This new legislation replaces the Sale of Liquor Act 1989. The new legislation came into force in stages with the final parts coming into force on the 18th December 2013.

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23 Dec 2013: Legislation Info Update - SSA Act 2012, Info on Key Changes, LAP's