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Fetal Alcohol Network New Zealand (FANNZ) is a group of people and agencies with a shared interest and expertise in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) prevention and intervention. FANNZ is linked through an email information network, face-to-face meetings, and educational activities.

If you would like to be part of this network and receive up-to-date information or would like to know more about FASD contact: Christine Rogan at Alcohol Healthwatch  Tel. 09-520 7037 or Email 


   Fannz Update 29.9.20

FANNZ Update 10.9.20 - 2020 FASD Awareness Day! 
FANNZ Update 3.9.20 
FANNZ Update 12.8.20 
FANNZ Update 25.3.20 
Media: Liquor industry tantrum undermines effective regulation of pregnancy warning labels 
Media: Further Delays To Pregnancy Health Warnings On  Alcohol (FARE 20.3.20) 

FANNZ Update 4.3.20     
Media: Bated breath as decision on alcohol and pregnancy warning labels rests with Ministers

FANNZ Update 9.1.20


FANNZ Update 27.11.19 
FANNZ Update 19.9.19  -  FASD Awareness month summary 
FANNZ Update 5.9.19 
FANNZ Update 7.6.19         18 Apr 2019 - FASD Action Plan Hui: “What’s in the forecast?”  Feedback 
FANNZ Update 13.2.19 
FANNZ Update 23.1.19


FANNZ Update 21.12.18      2nd Australasian FASD Conference 2018 Perth Update 
FANNZ Update 6.12.18
FANNZ Update 11.10.18 
FANNZ Update 27.9.18      FASD Seminar Flyer 5 Oct 2018 
FANNZ Update 5.9.18     
New Phase of Don't Know? Don't Drink Campaign. Pre-Testie Bestie       Red Shoes Rock 
FANNZ Update 24.8.18 
FANNZ Update 29.6.18  
FANNZ Update 8.5.18 
FANNZ Update 28.2.18


FANNZ Update 20.12.17
FANNZ Update 7.11.17 
FANNZ Update 12.9.17  
FANNZ Update 16.8.17
FANNZ Update 29.6.17
FANNZ Update 28.4.17

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