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From: Christine Rogan
Sent: Monday, 22 March 2021 4:04 p.m.
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Subject: FASD update March 2021

Kia ora tatou FANNZ

Alcohol Healthwatch releases a parliamentary briefing paper

The paper sets out the harm and evidence on how to build a fairer, healthier future for Aotearoa based on evidence-based alcohol policies. Recommendation #9. Increase FASD diagnostic capacity, recognise FASD as a stand-alone disability and increase support for individuals and families affected by FASD. or download the paper here.

Champion for Whānau living with FASD acknowledged
Founder and Chairperson for FASD-CAN Claire Gyde, is a recipient of the Caring Families Aotearoa Excellence in Fostercare Award, acknowledging her extraordinary contribution uniting and supporting caregivers raising children with FASD

Changes in KiwiSaver rules for those with FASD
The Government has announced four life-shortening conditions that will allow people impacted by them early access to their KiwiSaver funds – one of which is FASD. 

NZ public health researchers win defamation lawsuit against alcohol industry operatives

UK highlights the severe lack of FASD diagnosis

UK Survey shows young adults do not know the risks from alcohol and sex

Ontario Canada expanding FASD diagnostic Services
The Ontario government is investing $2.8 million annually to expand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) diagnostic services by funding 12 new FASD clinics for a total of 21 funded FASD diagnostic clinics across the province.

USA Surgeon General nominee Senate pledge to address FASDAsked about FASD by two Senators seeking to strengthen efforts to address FASD, the Surgeon General nominee pledged that the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention will invest more into FASD research, prevention and intervention  should he be appointed

Australia’s Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education launch new Pregnant Pause campaign website

Australian FASD experts calling for FASD to be eligible for disability
ABC News reporting Advocates of FASD students in Qld schools push for more support, prevent future 'in correctional services' - ABC News

Strong FASD recommendations from Australian Senate inquiry
The Commonwealth of Australia Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs has just released the results of their Inquiry into FASD. The report comprehensively addresses the current gaps and calls for Government prioritisation across the board. Here is a snapshot of some of the 32 recommendations:

#2 - prevalence study to determine the national prevalence of FASD cases.

#4 -fund an independent study into the social and economic cost of FASD in Australia.

#10 - implement as a matter of priority marketing, pricing and taxation reforms as set out in the National alcohol strategy 2019–2028.

#22 - that the eligibility requirements for the Disability Support Pension include individuals with FASD with an IQ above the low range (between 70 and 85).

#24 - ensure all schools can deploy and resource FASD-specific strategies and assistance to support educators’ support of students with FASD and suspected FASD, irrespective of IQ level.

#26 - that all children and young people entering the youth justice and child protection systems are screened for FASD.

#32. - allocate specific funding aimed at supporting First Nations community-led projects to prevent and manage FASD.

Download the full Senate Committee Report here

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