Newspaper Icon7 June 2019: FANNZ Update

The loss of a much loved son

Our thoughts go out to Peter and Rita and their family, who, surrounded by many others, farewelled their beloved Tamaki.  Having already engaged in strong advocacy for Tamaki and others with FASD to receive appropriate care and support, their fight for rights continues and Tamaki will never be forgotten.

In the media

  • Look out for the New Zealand Listener magazine, which features an article about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  
  • This Saturday (9:30 am) & Sunday (10 am), the Director of Alcohol Healthwatch Nicki Jackson, will go head to head with the liquor lobby on the need for stronger alcohol regulation TV3 NewsHub Nation!             

Feedback to drive the FASD Action Plan forward positively

Attached is a summary of feedback from the FASD Action Plan Hui held in April.  There was strong support for the FASD Action Plan continuing being aspirational and multidisciplinary as intended. From the views and experiences shared, the speed of implementation needed to increase, particularly in regards to disability support for those living with FASD. Factors deemed to be absent and limiting effectiveness and inclusiveness included:

i. Honouring Te Tiriti of Waitangi;

ii. Enacting evidence-based environmental change that most effectively reduces alcohol harm, i.e. increase alcohol prices/excise tax, reduce availability, restrict alcohol advertising/sponsorship; and

iii. Applying systems thinking and systemic implementation of the Plan across Ministries, particularly where evidence indicates systemic barriers exist.

Thanks to those who participated. Apologies for any cross-posting. 

The coming of age for FASD Awareness Day!

Happy 21st Birthday FASD Awareness Day!   Every year at 09.09am on 9th September, staring back in 1999, a Moment of Reflection marks the Day around the world in each time zone. Aotearoa has had the privilege of leading the way every year since inception! 

We are now counting down from the 99th days of the 2019 RED SHOES ROCK campaign so get your shoes and thinking caps on for what you could do to raise FASD prevention and support awareness in your community during the Month of September (or there abouts).   We invite you to share your very Kiwi pics of red shoes (or gumboots), stories and events on  

Every effort, whether grand or humble is worth sharing!  Don’t be shy New Zealand, get cracking! 

FASD Publications and Research

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health have published an open access Special Issue on FASD, consisting of 2 editorials and 8 papers. The first two studies are conducted in New Zealand – Kerryn Bagley with Dorothy Badry, and Sherly & Mathew Parackal with John Harroway.  Link to the Special Edition:

Noho ora mai
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Document: 18 Apr 2019 - FASD Action Plan Hui: “What’s in the forecast?”  Feedback