Newspaper Icon4 Mar 2020 - FANNZ Update

FANNZ Update 4.3.20     
Media: Bated breath as decision on alcohol and pregnancy warning labels rests with Ministers

From: Christine Rogan
Sent: Wednesday, 4 March 2020 11:55 a.m.
Subject: Urgent call to support effective pregnancy warning

Kia ora FANNZ

This is an important last chance opportunity for you to show your support for Ministers deciding on the most effective pregnancy warning label, which remains under threat of derailment by vested interests.  FARE in Australia have created an online letter you can send to Ministers including our Minister for Food Safety Hon Damien O’Connor, who together will have the final say sometime this month.

As you will see in our attached media release, Alcohol Healthwatch commends FSANZ and our own Minister for Food Safety Damien O’Connor for their support of an effective mandatory label. However, like FARE and others in public health, we are deeply concerned at liquor industry attempts to undermine and potentially water down a mandated label (example

Ministers need to know they have public backing for the most effective option.  It’s easy. Just click, enter ‘NZ’ & send[ - and feel free to share the opportunity with others.   

Thank you and thanks to the FARE team once again!

Christine Rogan 
Health Promotion Advisor and FASD Project Coordinator
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P.O. Box 99407, Newmarket, Auckland 1149
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