Newspaper Icon5 Dec 2019 - New Zealand Health Survey 2018/2019


Each year (since 2011/12), the Ministry of Health carries out the largest survey into the health and well-being of New Zealanders. It is called the New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS).

The survey is designed to yield an annual sample size of approximately 14,000 adults aged 15 years and over. The data is collected in the respondents’ homes, with the interviewer entering responses directly into a laptop computer and/or asking the respondent to complete a section of the interview by themselves using the laptop computer.

The NZHS 2018/19 represents the sample selected for the period July 2018 to end of June 2019. The response rate was 80%; 13,752 adults took part in the survey.

Alcohol Healthwatch has summarised the key findings below. You can click here to access the data directly.

5 Dec 2019 - Factsheet: drinking in the past year . New Zealand Health Survey 2018/19
5 Dec 2019 - Results: New Zealand Health Survey 2018/19  (e-update) 
5 Dec 2019 - Factsheet: hazardous drinking. New Zealand Health Survey 2018/19