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Kia ora FANNZ

I think we probably feel okay about farewelling 2020. With so many in the world harmed by the virulent Covid-19 pandemic and its downstream impact on families and economies, the desire is to shut the door on a challenging year. Our hearts go out to those directly impacted and as we read daily, it is far from over. However, looking back also shows us what can be achieved through the resilience of facing facts head on, responding and adapting, and the results of good people helping one another.  

For those living with FASD, every day is filled with facing facts and adaptation just to keep going.  Their long awaited vaccine would arrive in the form of increased acceptance, knowledge, understanding and compassionate accommodations from those they meet along their life journey. In too many ways to express, that can seem out of reach.  

2020 is also a year when those living with and fighting to improve outcomes for other people with FASD have been made more visible. FASD-CAN has succeeded in having their work on behalf of whānau, recognised for its importance in a tangible way. Under the Government FASD Action Plan, which is supported by a Proceeds of Crime fund, FASD-CAN has received a project grant to reach and educate more families and communities. Congratulations to Claire Gyde and the Committee for the hard work to get to that point and for the mahi to come.  

We also can be grateful that this was the year that New Zealanders and Australians were granted a mandated evidence-based pregnancy warning on all alcohol products on the market. For a quarter of a century that too felt like an elusive dream!

So as 2020 draws to a close and we bring in the new year, my message to all is DREAM BIG AND NEVER STOP!!

Wishing you a safe, happy and relaxing summer break. 

Ngā mihi mahana


Christine Rogan

Health Promotion Advisor and FASD Project Coordinator

Level 1, 27 Gillies Ave, Newmarket, Auckland

P.O. Box 99407, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

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