Newspaper Icon12 Aug 2020: Election 2020 - Alcohol Policy Scorecard

Election 2020: Alcohol Policy Scorecard

By taking strong action on alcohol, we have the potential to improve everything we deeply care about. With less alcohol harm, we can; improve our mental wellbeing, reduce suicide and family harm, have safer roads and communities, improve our physical health (e.g. fewer injuries, birth defects and cancers) and lift employment and productivity. Every New Zealander stands to benefit as a result of improved safety and substantial cost savings. Our core services and sectors, such as ACC, police, health, welfare and justice will experience significant gains from reduced harm. The possibilities and benefits are endless.

Every decision-maker has a role to play in reducing alcohol-related harm and enabling a healthier, fairer Aotearoa New Zealand. Independent public opinion polling shows strong support among New Zealanders for more action to be taken on alcohol harm.

The evidence-based, pro-equity policies listed below will make the biggest difference to shifting our drinking culture and reducing harm in our country, especially to those who are disproportionately affected. This includes women and children, as they suffer the greatest harm from the drinking of others. Pro-equity policies are also needed to uphold our obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, ending the longstanding inequities in alcohol-related harm between Māori and non-Māori.

The table below can be used to see how each party measures up in their Election 2020 promises. The rationale for the policies is provided overleaf. 

Alcohol Policy Scorecard